about us

ek-zu-roh; latin for:
1. I burn
2. I consume by fire

Exuro was born out of a love for the feeling and ambience incense creates - but without any of the nasty artificial fragrances.

From a childhood memory to a trip abroad, from a family celebration to your first kiss - our olfactory senses are so strong and complex that they are capable of evoking feelings and memories with a simple sniff.

Exuro's range of 5 fragrances have been designed to transport your mind to a different place and mental state using only the highest quality Australian essential oils. Whether you need to relax, be uplifted or even desired - Exuro has a carefully curated scent to help "set the mood"

Handmade out of our Melbourne studio with a burn time of 75 minutes per stick, Exuro incense are vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.

Transform your space | Transform your mind.